Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nemo Apps on SailfishOS Emulator

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I tried install Nemo Apps on SailfishOS Emulator (SDK Alpha-1312-Qt5).

Use Environment
Windows 7 x64
VirtualBox 4.3.4

1. Create SailfishOS Emulator clone.
For keep original Emulator.

2. SailfishOS Emulator's user account password setting.
Settings from GUI.

3. Install zypper to Emulator from Mer Core repository.
zypper was not installed in Emulator Ver.1312.

4. Add Nemo Apps and Nemo MW repositories.
Some packages depend from Nemo MW repository.

5. Install Nemo Apps.
Included in zypper pattern's nemo-apps-wayland.
Except upgrade or downgrade packages from Nemo MW repository.

Update: 2013-12-20
There was not need to install zypper.
SailfishOS have pkcon.
If you want to install zypper, following command.

$ pkcon refresh
$ pkcon install zypper

zypper package from jolla repository.