Thursday, January 5, 2012

MeeGo 1.2.0 IVI on Intel Atom E6xx

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I tried MeeGo 1.2.0 IVI on Intel Atom E6xx.
I used MeeGo 1.2.0 IVI .img file.

Reference site:Installed MeeGo IVI to TX-50(Kimitake's blog)

1. MeeGo 1.2.0 IVI install.
Either "Text install" and "GUI install".

2.MeeGo 1.2.0 Update (After 1.2.0 Update 4)
# zypper dup
All Packages Updated.

Necessary Update:
kernel-adaptation-intel-automotive (included 1.2.0 Update 4)
kernel-adaptation-intel-automotive (included 1.2.0 Update 5)

emgd-bin 2032 (Version 1.8) (included after 1.2.0 Update 4)

3. Xorg Setting

Option "ALL/1/General/PortOrder" "42000"
edit to
Option "ALL/1/General/PortOrder" "24000"

They mean 42000:LVDS and 24000:sDVOB(D-sub).

4.OS reboot
5.MeeGo 1.2.0 IVI UX Running on Intel Atom E6xx.

Add Package: EMGD GUI Setting Package
# zypper in emgd-gui