Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MeeGo 1.2 Netbook to Handset

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MeeGo 1.2(1.2.0,,, 1.2.1)

Change to Handset UX from Netbook UX.

1. Netbook UX install

2. Preremove package
# yum erase meego-sound-theme

Conflict Package
meego-sound-theme(included Netbook) and meego-handset-sound-theme(included Handset)

3. Package Group install
# yum groupinstall "MeeGo Touch" "MeeGo Handset*"

Handset Group(MeeGo Handset, MeeGo Handset Desktop, MeeGo Handset Applications)

4. Package replace
# yum erase meegotouch-compositor
# yum install meego-ux-compositor
(meego-ux-compositor may be stable than meegotouch-compositor.)

5. File edit

add text: session=/usr/bin/mcompositor
comment out: session=/usr/bin/mutter --sm-disable

6. Reboot
7. MeeGo Handset UX Running.

1. YUM setting
# zypper in yum
# zypper lr -e /etc/yum.repos.d/meego.repo (repository setting export.)

2. On Virtual Machine
yum install xorg-x11-server-Xorg-setuid

3. Touch Panel Usable PC (Example:Tablet PC)
# yum install sensorfw-pegatron
(Sometimes a cursor is unstable before installing this package.)

4. Return Netbook UX.
4-1. File edit

add text: session=/usr/bin/mutter --sm-disable
comment out: session=/usr/bin/mcompositor

4-2. Reboot
4-3. MeeGo Netbook UX Running.

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