Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MeeGo 1.2 Netbook to IVI

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I tried MeeGo 1.2 IVI on VirtualBox.
MeeGo 1.2 IVI didn't run.

Other Way...

MeeGo 1.2 use same repository.

I think.
Change to IVI from Netbook.

The Way following

"Run Level 3" boot and Kernel option "quiet" remove.
root login.

Preremove packeage
# yum erase meego-sound-theme


Conflict Package
meego-sound-theme(included Netbook) and meego-handset-sound-theme(included IVI)

Install groups
# yum groupinstall "MeeGo IVI" "MeeGo IVI Desktop" "MeeGo IVI Applications" -y

and "on VirtualBox"

# yum groupinstall "Virtual Machine Support" -y

Remove package
# yum erase meego-menus
dependent packages remove too.

Reboot MeeGo.
Run Level 5 boot.

Running MeeGo 1.2 IVI UX.

P.S. 2011-10-12
1. About This Way.
MeeGo 1.2.1 Snapshot(, cannot do this way.
Same way change to Tablet UX from Netbook UX.
(incomplete Tablet UX)

2. Change to near native IVI and Tablet.

File Edit

add text: session=/usr/bin/mcompositor
comment out: session=/usr/bin/mutter --sm-disable

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