Thursday, December 15, 2011

MeeGo 1.3 Snapshot UX Change

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I tried MeeGo 1.3 UX change.
I used MeeGo 1.3 Snapshot (MeeGo 1.2.80 Netbook).

For example, add Nemo into MeeGo 1.3.

1. Install MeeGo 1.2.80 Netbook.
2. Remove MeeGo 1.2.80 Original Repository file(/etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo).

3. Add Nemo Repository to MeeGo 1.3.
I referred to Nemo Repository from Nemo img .ks file
and Installed Nemo environment zypper repository settings(/etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo).

4. Install Nemo Packages.
# zypper ref
# zypper in -t pattern nemo* mtf* intel*

5. Create .desktop file.
I created /usr/share/xsessions/X-MEEGO-HS.desktop
(I referred to X-MEEGO-HS.desktop from Nemo img .ks file and Installed Nemo environment.)

/usr/share/xsessions/x-meego-nb.desktop is MeeGo 1.2.80 Netbook UX.

Described "Exec=/usr/bin/mcompositor" in X-MEEGO-HS.desktop.
Described "Exec=/usr/bin/mutter --sm-disable" in x-megoo-nb.desktop.

Similar described MeeGo 1.2.
session=/usr/bin/mutter --sm-disable
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6. Link change .desktop file.
# cd /usr/share/xsessions/
# ln -sf X-MEEGO-HS.desktop default.desktop
Before Set: default.desktop -> x-meego-nb.desktop
After Set: default.desktop -> X-MEEGO-HS.desktop

7. Reboot OS or Kill "X Window" Process.
8. Running Nemo Handset UX.

Other UX.
XBMC(XBMC.desktop), Cordia HD(x-hildon.desktop) etc...

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