Thursday, February 16, 2012

Add Plasma Active Two to Nemo Mobile on ExoPC

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I added Plasma Active Two to Nemo Mobile.
This way is similar to "Add Nemo Mobile to MeeGo 1.3 Snapshot".
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I used Nemo Mobile 2012-02-09 img.

1. Install Nemo Mobile.
2. Add Plasma Active Repository.
I referred to Repository from Plasma Active Devel 2012-02-09 (Mer) img .ks file.
Set to /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo .

Nemo Mobile and Plasma Active use some same repository.

3. Install Plasma Active Packages.
I referred to Installed Packages form Plasma Active Devel 2012-02-09 (Mer) img pkgs.txt file.

# zypper ref
# zypper in plasma-active
(And Dependent Packages 200 in total.)

Next Add Packages.
# zypper in ConsoleKit alsa-plugins-pulseaudio alsa-utils bangarang boost-filesystem boost-serialization boost-system contour dbus-python encfs glib-networking gnutls gst-plugins-good iodbc kde-runtime-desktoptheme kde-runtime-netattach kde-runtime-newstuff kde-runtime-solid kde-runtime-sounds kdialog kmix less libdeclarative-multimedia libkipi libkipi8 libqtdeclarative4-gestures lskat libsoup libtasn1 pulseaudio-policy-enforcement pygobject2 rlog strace xorg-x11-drv-fbdev

4. Create .desktop File.
I referred to Repository from Plasma Active Devel 2012-02-09 (Mer) img .ks file.

I created /usr/share/xsessions/plasma-active.desktop .

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Plasma Active

5. Default UX Setting.
Link change .desktop file.

# cd /usr/share/xsessions/
# ln -sf plasma-active.desktop default.desktop
Before Set: default.desktop -> X-MEEGO-HS.desktop (Nemo Mobile)
After Set: default.desktop -> plasma-active.desktop

6. Reboot OS or Kill "X Server" Process.
7. Running Plasma Active Two.

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